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Sunday, 12 May 2013


Being jealous can be an extremely difficult quality to you especially if you take it to aggressive limits. It can make you fall in many mistakes that you wouldn't want to be held against you. However, while jealousy can cause self- destruction, living with a jealous person or being in an intimate relationship with a jealous person can possibly lead you to a miserable life. When you get the person whom you are with jealous unintentionally it could bring up a lot of trouble to you and to your significant other. People who are jealous are naturally angry whenever they are provoked, and they are easily provoked for that matter. The slightest attention to someone else will be noticed and expect a few days of hell if something like that happens. The possibility of ruining the whole relationship can occur at any moment given that they have a small reason to end it. Of course, that might seem a little too harsh but to deal with jealousy from your partner, you have to have a set of qualities and skills so the relationship that you want would work: 
       1- Understanding: While it might seem that they are very misunderstanding, this is not a war to fight fire with fire. If they are jealous then you need to be understanding not only of the situation, but of the reasons that would cause their jealousy in order to avoid them or help them get over it. The past could be one of the main reasons why your partner is jealous. Lack of confidence is one of the reasons that contribute directly to jealousy. 
        2- Timing: You have to be careful when you bring up something that would enrage them. If you are going to tell them about a person who tried to flirt with you at a time close to their birthday or your anniversary then don't blame anyone but yourself for the stress you are going to be in until it passes. While you would argue that you should tell them whatever you want at any given moment, you wouldn't like to know that you failed to pass a job interview on your birthday because it would ruin it. Consider this adding insult to injury. 
       3- Reasoning: The biggest problem with jealous people is that they are misunderstood and mistreated. If you had an experience that you would want to forget about, you would do anything to avoid it and when it comes up at any occasion, you will get upset. If your partner has gone through an experience that they have not told you about where it ignited the jealousy in them then you wouldn't really know, yet you'd have to handle it in a similar manner to the way they hid it in the first place. Instead of giving your partner a reason to be jealous, give them a reason to trust you. Show them that your faith to them will not fade no matter what happens. The process for someone to be less jealous can be a long tiring one. You would have to bring all your weapons in order to win this and you would have to be patient. If you are not then don't expect anything to come out of this because you will get mad at your partner and that would immediately make them think that they had a righteous place for their jealousy. All you need to do is to prove them wrong a few times and then they will be calm and they will trust you even more. The biggest problem with jealous people is that they don't have much trust or faith in anyone and they expect everyone to betray them.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Should You Should Eat Small Meals Every Three Hours?

As with many other diet tips, May believes, this myth was based on observing how thin people eat, and passing their habits along as diet advice. “Many thin people do tend to eat frequent small meals," she says. "However, most of them don’t check their watch to tell them when to eat — they eat when their body tells them to. Instead of watching the clock, learn the signals your body uses to tell you it’s hungry.” Several studies, including one recent analysis at the University of Texas, have shown that training dieters in the practice of mindful eating, or focusing on the body’s hunger cues, is an effective way to curb overeating.

If you do find that eating every few hours works for your diet, watch your calories to make sure you’re not consuming too many.


It's obvious that its been long I have updated this blog. I didn't believe it could happen. Well, right now am putting some things in place so as to come back better. Thank you.

Monday, 17 September 2012

What Are American Workers' Biggest Fears?

More workers listed flat paychecks than even fear of losing their jobs as their top source of workplace stress in a recent survey.

As workers return to the office routine after their summer vacations this year, they are feeling more secure about the jobs they are returning to, but not feeling so swell about the size of their paychecks, according to a new survey.

Just 4% of respondents in a survey by Harris Interactive ranked fear of being fired or laid off as their primary workplace worry. This was a drop from 9% in last year's study. While annoying coworkers, commuting, and work overload also were top triggers for anxiety, more workers fretted about low wages, with 11% naming flat paychecks at the top of their workplace stress list.

This snapshot of worker sentiment is backed up by recent jobs data, says Christine Owen, economist at the National Employment Law Project. "We are not seeing the same level of job loss," as the massive personnel rifts that characterized the recession period have ended, she says, "and fewer people are looking for employment after losing their jobs than they were several years ago.

"After one year, two, or three, people worry less about being let go by their employer," says Owen. "And the kinds of jobs being created are not highly paid."

Paychecks are a hot-button issue for women, with 14% of those surveyed listing low wages at the top of their workplace stress list. That compares to 8% of men, in the survey commissioned annually by Everest College, a for-profit education institution that is part of Corinthian Colleges.

Women have made some progress in closing the gender pay gap, according to newly released federal census data. Last year, the median income for a woman was $37,118, up from the $28,699 in 1973, taking inflation into account. Men, on the other hand, saw their median earnings fall to $48,202 this year, some $2,000 less than the $50,622 average in 1973.

Still, women listed working in a job that is not their chosen career as a major source of stress in this year's survey. Some 11% of women said that was stressful, more than twice the 5% response of men, says John Swartz, the Everest College spokesman for the survey.

"The economic recession may be contributing to that workplace distress," Swartz says. "Women may be working for the good of the household, and taking any job because that's what they have to do."
Among college-educated workers, unreasonable workload ranked higher than pay as a point of major dissatisfaction. Some 11% of college-educated workers complained about low pay, but even more -- 14% -- of workers without high school degrees chafed at their low paychecks.

As wages remain stagnant, working at low or middle-income jobs provided almost no economic security or advancement in the past decade, according to the Economic Policy Institute, an economics research organization. In fact, over the past three decades only a few Americans have benefitted from economic growth, says the report, "The State of Working America," which released its 12th edition this week.

Average household income fell 1.7% between 2010 and 2011, said Institute economists Elise Gould and Heidi Shierholz, citing newly released U.S. Census Bureau data on 2011 income, poverty, and health.
The top 5% of income earners saw their average household income rise by 5.1% between 2010 and 2011. But Shierholz said in a briefing Wednesday that the "most important number is that a typical median household brought in 12.4% less income in 2011 compared to 2010."

African-American households were hit the hardest, with median household income falling by a steep 16.8% from 2010 to 2011, and Hispanic households saw a 10.8% decline, the report found.

Two-thirds of the jobs lost in the recession and its aftermath "were mid-wage occupations," says the National Employment Law Project's Owen, and 58% of the jobs that have since been created are in the low-wage tier, with salaries ranging between $15,995 and $28,766. Middle-wage jobs are classified as a positions earning between $28,787 and $43,950.

Work overload is also squeezing employees, those responding to the survey said, with many employees working full-throttle, as companies demand more. Some 9% said their workload was unreasonable.

Worker productivity -- the amount of output per worker -- rose 1.6% from April through June, the Labor Department found, as companies slowed hiring to 75,000 jobs monthly, only about one-third of the average 226,000 monthly hires in the first quarter on 2012.

"There seems to be a dichotomy in the workplace," says Brett Good, senior district president for Robert Half International, a national staffing services firm. "Unemployment for those with college degrees is in the 3% to 4% range, in serious contrast to probably 14% to 16% unemployment for those with lighter skills."

Although workers may be complaining around the coffee pot or on Facebook, hiring is not all bleak. Robert Half's annual professional employment report found that 17% of U.S. executives queried say they will add full-time, professional-level staff in the last quarter of 2012.

Although more than one-third of the executives surveyed said they were very confident about their company's growth prospects (56% said they are somewhat confident). Another 5% said they would likely be letting people go.

"That means 12% will be hiring," said Good. "And that's a good sign."

Monday, 20 August 2012

S.Africa convicts 20 for plotting to kill Nelson Mandela

PRETORIA  (AFP) – A South African court Monday convicted the last of 20 men accused of high treason for a plot to kill Nelson Mandela and drive blacks out of the country, in a trial that spanned nearly a decade.
The “Boeremag” organisation had planned a right-wing coup in 2002 to overthrow the post-apartheid government by creating chaos in the country.
Dozens of people were injured and one person killed in blasts that shook the Johannesburg township of Soweto in October 2002.
High Court Judge Eben Jordaan found that Kobus Pretorius was the group’s “master explosives manufacturer” and “took the lead in the production process” throughout the group’s bomb-making activity.
“He produced the bomb intended for president Mandela and explained to the others how it worked,” Jordaan said.
The Boeremag — Afrikaans for “Boer Force”, a reference to the descendants of the first Dutch colonisers — had planned to sow chaos through bomb blasts then take over military bases, replace the government with white military rule and chase all blacks and Indians from the country.
The trial took almost a decade and the verdict, read from July 26, almost a month to complete.
All 20 accused were convicted of treason, but only five of murder and the plot to kill Mandela, South Africa’s first black president.
Pretorius, the last to be convicted, apologised for his involvement.
“I was wrong and I want to ask forgiveness for every person who suffered loss and was disadvantaged by my actions. I am sorry,” he said after the trial.
Earlier Pretorius’ two brothers and father were convicted of treason as well as the plot to kill Mandela and the killing of a Soweto resident.
The woman died when a bomb explosion sent a piece of steel from a railway 400 metres (1,300 feet) through the air. It struck her in the head when it burst through her shack in 2002.
Pretorius distanced himself from his family in the later stages of the trial, saying he had come to new political insights.

Eid-el-Fitr Celebrations Disrupted By Gunshots In Kano And Plateau states

Eid-el-Fitr Celebrations Disrupted By Gunshots In Kano And Plateau states
Eid-el-Fitr celebrations were disrupted in Kano and Plateau states on Sunday after gunshots were heard in Kano metropolis and in Farin Gada, North Jos Local Government, where 12 cars were also destroyed.
A policeman was reportedly injured when suspected Boko Haram members fired at a military roadblock along Maiduguri Road, Kano, while the police foiled a violent confrontation between Muslim youths and some residents of Farin Gada.
Trouble was said to have started when some Muslims youths, while returning from the Eid prayers  ground, allegedly hauled stones at residence of Farin Gada, Jos.
It was learnt the youth, who also allegedly brandished guns,  stopped at the Redeemed Christian  Church of God  at Farin Gada and allegedly destroyed no fewer than 12 cars parked on the church premises.
Their action angered youths of the predominantly Christian area, who poured out to revenge. It took the intervention of the Special Task Force who shot into the air to scare them away.
The Plateau State Police Command, in a  statement  by the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danjuma Azikiti,  condemned the act which it  described as “unfortunate”.
While confirming that no life was lost and no church or mosque was burned, the police  urged leaders of both Christians and Muslims to caution their members.
Army spokesman, Lt. Ikedichi Iweha, said the attack on the military checkpoint in Kano was repelled.
After shooting the policeman, the gunmen were said to have aimed at other security personnel who returned fire.
The gunmen resorted to shooting sporadically into the air before escaping into the Kundila Estate from where they said to have emerged from.
Immediately they  escaped, the entry and exit points of the estate as well as the neighbouring Daurawa Quarters were condoned off  by soldiers.
An eyewitness also told The PUNCH that the gunmen

23 Year Old Man Denies Having S*x With Goat At Gwagwalada

23 Year Old Man Denies Having S*x With Goat At Gwagwalada
A 23-year-old man, last Thursday at an Abuja Upper Area Court sitting Gwagwalada, denied having sex with a she-goat he admitted to have stolen from one Hyacinth Ugwu.
Ishaya Kaduna of Gwako village in Gwagwalada was charged with theft and unnatural offence, contrary to Section 287 and 284 of the Penal Code.
Police prosecutor, Inspector Martha Paul, told the court that on August 2, one Hyacinth Ugwu, of Gwako village, in Gwagwalada area council, reported at Gwagwalada police station that the accused stole his female goat valued at N7,000 and later had a sex with the goat.
When the charges were read to the accused, he admitted stealing the goat but denied having sex with it.
Judge Babangida Hassan sentenced the accused to three months imprisonment or to pay N15,000 fines for the offence of theft and adjourned the case of sex allegation to September 26 for hearing.
In another development, the police have also arraigned a 24 year-old man, Ojoh Paul, before the same court over alleged joint act, criminal force, assault and causing grievous hurt which are offences contrary to Sections 79,263,264 and 240 of the Penal Code.
Police prosecutor, Inspector Martha Paul, told the court that August 6, one Ahmed Paul of Giri village, in Gwagwalada area council, reported at Gwagwalada police station that the accused and others, now at large, jointly used force to inflict injuries on his ears with a cutlass.
He further informed the court that the complainant was later rushed to a hospital, where he received treatment for 12 days at the cost of N35,000, adding that the accused confessed to the crime during police investigation.
The accused denied the allegation when the charges were read to him, while his counsel, A. A Oluwa, made an oral application for his bail, which was not objected to by the prosecutor.
Judge Babangida Hassan granted the accused bail in the sum of N200,000 with a reasonable surety in like sum, who must be a civil servant not below grade level 08 and must be residing within the court's jurisdiction.
The case was adjourned to October 17 for hearing.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Atlantic Ocean’s Fatal Surge Into Lagos

A violent ocean surge yesterday killed 16 people in Lagos including a six year old girl. So far, 6 bodies have been recovered.
Last night the Atlantic ocean conquered the boundary between it and the Kuramo Beach, sweeping away 16 residents.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bill Gates's Better Toilet: His Foundation Seeks

You might not want to pack a picnic lunch for this summer event.
Researchers from China, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands, Canada and California have flocked to Seattle this week for the "Reinvent the Toilet Fair," a two-day showcase hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Forget the bathroom humor. This is serious sh*t.
In a YouTube video calling for a "toilet revolution," the foundation called for "new ideas to help reduce disease and find new ways to turn crap into valuable stuff, like fuel, fertilizer, and fresh water."
The problem was put succinctly by Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist, in a tweet this week: "4 out of 10 people don’t have a safe way to poop - that’s 2.6 billion!"
Gates took on the mission of building a better toilet a year ago. As he recently told the Times of India, 1.5 million children die each year due to severe diarrhea caused by poor sanitation because they lack the kind of toilets that affluent countries take for granted.
"Finding a new toilet design that is as good as the flush toilet should be possible. It does not exist now," Gates said. "That's why we have been putting in money asking people to design a new toilet."
And not just any kind of toilet. As All Things Digital explained, "The toilets have to be hygienic and sustainable, discharge no pollutants, generate energy, recover nutrients and only need a tiny amount of water. Oh yeah, and they also need to have a cost of operation of a nickel per person per day."
In other words, "Reinventing the Toilet" was no job for a plumber.
Last year, the Gates Foundation awarded $400,000 in grants to eight universities to help them develop a better way to go. On Tuesday, the grant recipients gathered to report their progress.
"Two-hundred years ago we had the invention of the flush toilet and we've really not done anything in the engineering of the toilet since then," Carl Hensman, who heads the foundation's water sanitation and hygiene program, told He described one suggested method called "hydrothermal carbonization."
That's "a really big term that really represents a pressure cooker," he said. "What you do is take the fecal material and the urine and you'll essentially cook it under pressure and the material you get out of that has an energy you can use to fuel your cooker or you can actually use it as a fertilizer as well."
A team at Cal Tech wants to use solar power to break down feces and urine into hydrogen gas that could then be used as a backup power source at night.
At Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, scientists have another idea: microwave human waste into electricity.
Hensman said he hopes the various ideas can be combined to find one ultimate solution that can be put into practice in the field.
"There are pieces of each of their technologies that can be combined,"he said. "That's what we're really looking for is how can we pull everybody together to sort the solution out."

Madonna Sued for $10.5 Million by Anti-Gay Crusaders in Russia

Markus Schreiber, AP
Madonna has been sued for at least the second time on her MDNA world tour, NME reports. The latest legal action -- a $10.5 million lawsuit filed last week -- comes compliments of anti-gay activists in Russia, who didn't take kindly to the pop star's pro-LGBT statements earlier this month in St. Petersburg.

Performing on Aug. 9, Madonna stripped down to black bra and revealed the words "No fear!" scrawled across her back. She then urged fans to wave the pink wristbands they'd been given at the door as a show of support for gay rights.

"If you are with me, I wanna see your pink armband," Madonna said. "If you are with me, raise your arm and show your love and appreciation for the gay community. Are you with me?"

Among those not with her: the 10 members of the Union of Russian Citizens, New Great Russia party and People's Assembly who banded together to file the suit.

"We demand that she pay for moral damage suffered by St Petersburg residents as a result of her actions during the show on August 9," a spokeswoman for the Union of Russian Citizens said in a statement. "We must defend our right to normal cultural life without propaganda of values and views that contradict the Russian culture."

Anti-gay crusaders weren't the only Russian conservatives ticked off during Madonna's recent visit. The Queen of Pop also drew flack for throwing her support behind Pussy Riot, the female punk group that was then on trial for -- and subsequently convicted of -- speaking out against President Vladamir Putin.

Of course, Madge's troubles aren't limited to Russia. The St. Petersburg brouhaha comes roughly a month after France's far-right National Front party vowed to sue the singer over a concert video featuring a swastika superimposed on leader Marine Le Pen's forehead.

Police Arrest Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor Over Okene Killings

Police Arrest Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor Over Okene Killings
The Commissioner of Police, Kogi State Command, Mr. Muhammed Katsina, on Thursday confirmed the arrest of a Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Karaku, in connection with the recent violence in Okene area of the state.
Karaku is a former Chairman of Okene Local Government Area.
The CP, during a media briefing in Lokoja, also said the command arrested a former Chairman of Okehi Local Government Area, Abubakar Adagu, in connection with the crisis.
Our correspondent learnt that the two former chairmen had been taken to Abuja for further interrogation.
Katsina stated that the command had identified the perpetrators of the shootings of the worshipers at the Deeper Life Church, Otite in Okene LGA , where 20 persons were killed.
Many other worshippers were also injured and are currently receiving treatment in hospitals.
The CP reassured the residents and relevant authorities of the determination of the police to get to the root of the matter.
He warned that anyone indicted in the ongoing investigation would be made to face the law no matter how highly placed.
He stated that only the security agents were empowered by the law to carry arms, warning that unauthorised persons found with arms and ammunition would be punished in accordance with the laws.
Katsina said a suspected armed robbery kingpin, Abdulrazaq Adama, aka Risky, who had been terrorising some parts of the state was arrested in Akure, the Ondo State capital.
He stated that 12 more suspects had been arrested for various crimes in the state, adding that they were already assisting the police in investigations.
It will be recalled that Katsina had, on Sunday, said 16 suspects had been arrested for the Okene shootings.

Three Killed As Car Runs Into Pedestrians On Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway

Three Killed As Car Runs Into Pedestrians On Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway
Three people lost their lives while two others were injured on Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway in Lagos on Thursday after a driver,  Oladimeji Olaniyi, lost control of his car, which rammed into the victims.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the incident occurred around Aluminium Village, inward Iyana-Ipaja, along the expressway.
An eyewitness alleged the driver of the vehicle, a red Peugeot 406 car with registration number, BM214EKY, was drunk and was on high speed when the accident occurred.
The driver reportedly hit and killed three people on the spot while two bystanders at a bus stop sustained injuries.
According to eyewitnesses, the driver suddenly lost control of the wheels and the car rammed into the victims who were on their way from the nearby timber market where they had gone to buy plywood.
Our correspondent also learnt that the vehicle plunged into a gutter after it had crushed the victims.
It was gathered that the driver of the vehicle was almost lynched by a mob but for the timely intervention of policemen attached to the Dopemu division.
He was   immediately  arrested and detained at the station. 
The sector Commander, Lagos Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Charles Akpabio, who confirmed the incident, said those injured had been taken to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital.
He said the accident was caused by a burst tyre as well as high speed.
Akpabio said, “There was an accident involving a Peugeot 306 car with registration number DM 214 EKY around 1:25pm. Three people were killed while two others sustained injuries. The accident took place under Dopemu Bridge, around Ikeja/Iyana-Ipaja Road.
“The accident was caused by a burst tyre and high speed. The victims have been taken to LASUTH.”
The Deputy Police Public Relations Officer for the state command, Mr. Ozoanni Damasus, said it could not be immediately confirmed if the driver was drunk or not.
He however confirmed that the driver was in detention at Dopemu Division.
He said, “The driver, identified as Oladimeji Olaniyi, was coming from Oshodi, heading towards Iyana-Ipaja when he had the accident. He said his vehicle had a brake failure and skidded off the road, killing three pedestrians before plunging into a canal.
“One of the deceased has been identified simply as Tope and the police have transferred all the corpses to Isolo General Hospital Mortuary.
“It cannot be verified if the driver was drunk or not but he is in detention and investigations are ongoing.”

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